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Big Mo

Big Mo is playful, fun-loving and game for almost anything. Active and spontaneous, he’s so full
of life that he often gets lost in
the moment. The wilder the adventure, the happier he is, especially when joined by his best buddy, Buzzie.





Social and charismatic, Barrie has an insatiable appetite for food, fun and the Canadian wilderness. A natural-born trailblazer and real people person, he loves to chat up
a storm with anyone and everyone he meets.





Buzzie is everyone’s best friend. Loyal, hard-working and good-natured, he wears his heart on his Canadian sleeve. A little on the reserved side, he prefers
to know where he’s going before diving in… teeth first.





Beau is Mr. Cool—at least that’s how he sees himself.
A colourful character with great presence and zero fashion sense, he’s totally oblivious to anything that's not mildly amusing or entertaining.