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about us

moki who?

moki stands for cute—Canadian style—and embodies the little superhero within us all. The mo represents moments and the founder’s nickname. The ki is inspired by kawaii—Japanese for cute. moki’s mission? Bring friends and family a little closer together by sharing a cute card, a special moment and a smile.

We combine bold, modern designs and delightful animal-themed characters with clever captions to create attention-grabbing cards that charm and engage Canadian consumers and tourists alike. Our greeting cards inspire us every day. They’ll do the same for you.

maureen stern, founder and creative director

After over two decades as an established creative director in retail and business-to-business communications, maureen decided to pursue a lifelong dream—bringing characters to life. Combining her love of words and illustration with her passion for in-store environments, she dove into the colourful world of character-driven greeting cards. Drawing on her own unique joie de vivre, vast personal experience and an irrepressible cast of animated family and friends, she launched a lively bunch of loveable characters who personify all that’s typically Canadian in a totally captivating and amusing way. Playful, whimsical and carefree, Big Mo, Barrie, Buzzie and Beau are the Canadian Capers. They love the great Canadian wilderness, family, friends and fun and also share a deep affection for their equally cute distant cousins, Wildthoughts.

mo is still not quite sure who brought whom to life, but in the Canadian Capers world no-one really cares, eh. The Canadian Capers are game for just about anything. Join them on the wild side… the adventure has just begun.